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Chris Larson : Axonometric / Threshold

Opening Reception: September 22th 6-9PM

*on view from September 7th through November 30th, 2017

Infinity and entropy echo one another in space and time for Chris Larson’s Axonometric/Threshold, the inaugural exhibition at TOPO Gallery. This ten-year investigation of Axonometric pencil drawings on vellum transposes and collides the imagery of industrial workplaces, rural architectural structures and aeronautic machines. Condensing these uncanny elements together depicts invented architectural landscapes that are defined by darkness and erasure. New and impossible spaces of production are created through similarities of form and contradictions in scale that are compounded into inconsistent perspectives.

Larson’s most recent graphite work, Threshold, continue the exploration of perceiving and bending space through line and void. The panel is built up of many coats of black gesso through the process of sanding and polishing. The final layer is burnished with steel wool to work the material toward a slate like surface. A strip of aluminum, commonly used as a threshold to form the bottom of a doorway, is repurposed as a drawing tool and straight edge. Rotating around a nail embedded in the panel, in a performative and repetitious motion, Larson makes hundreds of graphite lines that converge and radiate infinitely off the surface. As the lines flip two separate spaces can be perceived simultaneously.